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Our team of skilled ergonomists may be able to help you find long term solutions. We have a wealth of experience in the workstation assessment ergonomic field, building a reputation for finding resolutions for everyone we work with. Sitting fit provides guidance regarding workstation assessments, including Seating analysis and Workstation overviews for an entire workplace or for one particular employee’s office space, this is sometimes called a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) risk assessment or just DSE for short.The whole idea behind hiring a seating consultant is to be able to determine if the office environment, including the chair, may be causing discomfort, specifically back pain


Level 1 Workstation Assessment

Designed to analyse any risks associated with the work environment including the chair and desk. We ensure that minimum legislative government guidelines are being adhered to and make necessary adjustments if necessary. Our speciality is to minimise risks that have the likelihood of causing harm and ensure best practice is being adopted for the future. We provide individuals with tools to ensure that they are well equipped to deal with workplace pain issues should they arise. Duration is 30 minutes per person and includes a comprehensive report with our recommendations and justifications for equipment if necessary.

Level 2 Workstation Assessment

Designed specifically to assist those with an on-going chronic or acute condition for which immediate attention is required. We will visit you; As well as making sure minimum government guidelines are met, we will analyse the workstation and minimise any issues that may cause harm, eliminating hazardous factors on the spot. We specialise in finding workplace solutions for people following our seating assessment, who suffer with wide and varying conditions including sciatic type symptoms and disc prolapse discomfort. Duration 1hr 10minutes and includes a full written report with on-going email support. Subtle adjustments may be required. Workstation Assessments may be used as a way of just checking that you are sitting in the correct anatomical posture. Work can be demanding in many ways and we have observed hundreds of workstations over the years, we have also noticed that once workers get involved in their daily tasks, then good workstation posture may be forgotten. When awkward postures our habitually maintained a little damage may be done to our bodies. This damage to the body may be termed as an injury, injuries sustained due to poor postures being adopted are called slow injuries. They are slow because they can build up over prolonged periods of time and can develop from chronic to acute. Checking your workstation by having a workstation assessment on a regular basis may prevent awkward postures from continuing and resulting in upper limb disorders. Most conditions aggravated by a workstation can be minimised if better ergonomic practices are adopted. See our workstation assessment page for a breakdown of our services. We are accredited with the most recognised professional bodies in our workstation assessment field, Including; the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and Health and Safety Management Consultants (HSMC) . Contact us today for your valuable and cost effective workplace assessment services. Special offer; £59.00 per workstation assessment booked in August 2014 (minimum 2 assessments ) conditions apply call for details 07532 133 187. Book any full workstation assessment including written report in September 2014 and get a workstation assessment overview free, for a friend or work colleague at the same time and site. We have just launched our price beat policy. If you can find a quote for a like for like workstation assessment service from another company, then we will beat that quote by a reasonable margin. Just provide us with your quote. This also applies to any equipment that you may need, including chairs, desks, keyboards and mice following our seating assessment. Book Now!! 07532 133 187



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SittingFit never recommend static sitting, all our solutions include great opportunities for regular changes in posture.